As a nonprofit publisher, it's our mission to champion extraordinary voices from around the world, whose stories speak to us across linguistic and cultural borders. Our selection of Restless titles is driven by passion, literary integrity, and cultural urgency, rather than market trends. One of the most tangible ways you can support this risky, thrilling publishing endeavor—and the work of an essential international author—is by sponsoring a Restless book. Sponsors can contribute at various levels:

  • $1,000 – a featured “thank you” on our website

  • $2,000 – your name acknowledged on the book’s copyright page

  • $6,000+ – your own exclusive dedication page in the book

Your contribution goes toward the costs of high-quality production and robust promotion efforts, to ensure your sponsored title reaches a broad readership. In recognition of your generosity, we’ll bring you inside the publication process with exclusive updates, and thank you personally on our website, the copyright page, or a dedicated sponsor page in the book.

See below for available sponsorships, and if you have questions or would like to contribute at a different level, please email Arielle Kane.


Book Sponsorships Available

Partnering with Restless Books has been a seamless, joyful experience. The staff worked with me so I could dedicate Who Left The Light On? to my mom in honor of her 95th birthday. I’m so appreciative that Restless Books gave me the opportunity to create this legacy.
— Kathryn Dawson, sponsor of Who Left the Light On?