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Arshia Sattar Reading Ramayana in Hindu India

  • Center for Humanistic Inquiry, Frost Library Amherst College Amherst, MA 01002 (map)

On Thursday, May 3, renowned scholar and author Arshia Sattar will appear at Amherst College Frost Library to discuss her illustrated retelling of the Ramayana. An unforgettable tale of love, adventure, flying monkeys and god acting in the world of humans, Ramayana has been treasured by readers around the world for thousands of years. Now in an authoritative, gripping retelling, readers have a new chance to explore this classic’s riches.

Arshia Sattar has a PhD in classical Indian literatures from the University of Chicago. Her translations from Sanskrit, The Ramayana of Valmiki and Tales from the Kathasaritsagara, have been published as Penguin Classics. She has also written books for children, including The Adventures of Hanuman.