Women In Translation Month

Celebrate #WomeninTranslationMonth with these amazing authors from Iceland to Brazil.

Here at Restless we seek to defy the narrowness of mainstream publishing by championing oft-neglected voices. Women authors, particularly international ones, tend to be grievously overlooked—an error we are working hard to correct by granting these extraordinary ladies in translation this month's literary spotlight. We couldn't be more excited to celebrate the intersection of cultural exchange and brilliance with Women in Translation Month! 

To celebrate these visionary ladies, Land of Love and Ruins, The Endand The Winterlings will be 25% off on our website throughout this month. Use discount code WIT at checkout to delve into some fiercely brilliant literature, and check out our Indiegogo campaign to hear some of these book's authors speak up in favor of independent publishers!

Fernanda Torres

Fernanda Torres

We have recently published the extraordinary debut novel The End by renowned Brazilian actress Fernanda Torres. The text was translated by Alison Entrekin, who has translated, among other acclaimed titles, Near to the Wild Heart by Clarice Lispector. Torres writes, as Kirkus puts it, "an unforgiving portrait of men at their worst," in a hilarious and searing feminist critique of the machismo culture of her hometown, Rio de Janeiro.

Oddný  Eír

Oddný  Eír

From the other side of the globe, Icelandic author Oddný Eír brings us the unforgettable Land of Love and RuinsThe ever-relevant Björk calls Eír a "true pioneer!!!!!!!!"—with an excitement we more than match here at our Brooklyn office.  This masterful piece of auto-fiction follows finely wrought reflections about love, family, and our bonds to places.

P.s. we have a few exclusive signed copies of Land of Love and Ruins on our Indiegogo campaign that we think you should check out!

Cristina Sánchez-Andrade

Cristina Sánchez-Andrade

The Winterlings is both an enchanting story about two sisters living in an idyllic village and a gripping portrait of the wounds the Civil War inflicted on Spanish culture and on Galicia. In it, Cristina Sánchez-Andrade deftly combines Spanish oral tradition, Latin American magical realism, and American gothic fiction. The author, who is also a translator and book critic, has been called by La Razón "one of the most powerful female voices Spanish literature has produced." 

Of course, we couldn't pass up this opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary female translators whose talents are so crucial in making our vision come true. We are forever grateful to this incredible list of women: 

Carol Ermakova, translator of The Underground

Rosario Moreno, translator of Letters to Yeyito

Achy Obejas, translator of The Cowboy Bible and Other Stories

Hebe Powell, co-translator of The Year 200

Barbara Harshav, translator of Between Life and Death

Megan McDowell, translator of Colonel Lágrimas and Jodorowsky's forthcoming The Son of Black Thursday; 

Allison Charette, translator of Beyond the Rice Fields

Shulamith Harever, translator of Thirst: The Desert Trilogy

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